the kitchen of always at the service of a good palate

Pairal Restaurant in Castellón 30 years of history.


But not only its renewal has been motivated by its adaptation to new ways of communicating, its gastronomic offer has also undergone an evolution, not in terms of its essence, but in the preparation techniques which have been perfected even more if possible, the dishes and desserts of its culinary offer.


Countless are the diners who have passed through its tables in more than 30 years of history, and as many are the opinions that they have left, by word of mouth in the past, and on the keyboard in the most recent time, which have been forging more than a proven reputation for the excellent culinary experience and service felt by those who pass through their doors.

Castellón's Symbol

With more than three decades of experience in catering sector in Castellón, El Pairal is one of the greatest gastronomic symbols of the city. Widely known by the locals, saying Pairal, is speaking about excellence in service, about first-rate products and traditional cuisine, with the flavor of always.

Born in 1987, by the hand of chef Santiago Chiva Bellés and chef Juan Antonio Zafra Millán, current owners of the restaurant, as the years go by its reputation has even increase, making it a must for visitors and tourists, whom wish to experience first-hand Mediterranean gastronomy in all its splendour.

Experience has also made the Pairal evolve, renewing and adapting to the new times, as it shows its active participation in social networks, its careful corporate image and this up-to-date website.

Pairal's restaurant kitchen
Dishes with tradition and avant-garde elaboration.


«Top quality raw material, care in its production and excellence in service.»
Santiago Chiva, Chef


Here you can see some images of the place as well as some dishes that are made in this restaurant in Castellón de la Plana.